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Tab S7 ➡️…
It’s been a month since this was released and I have some thoughts on this… Tablets live in a weird space but is this one an exception? Should you buy it? You may want to know this…
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Samsung gets updates for ~3 years (iPad gets updates for like 5 years)
120Hz screen
Display is very bright and vibrant!
Having lots of Galaxy phone tools on a laptop-like experience is powerful. Great for multi-tasking
S-pen latency is extremely low
S-Pen air gestures are nice (arrow up, left, scribble for screen capture)
Where can you stick the S Pen? – only the back or top, but only the back charges it
Placing the s-pen on the back when not looking takes practice
Perfect size for airplane tray working
Fingerprint sensor is not in the most natural location
I think it might be better than an in-display sensor in this case
Works well enough
Battery life is actually great! I am easily getting a couple days per charge
Charging takes a very long time with the included charger (3+ hrs)
Speakers are fantastic

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Keyboard typing speed test: 65 words per minute (I am able to get 70-80 normally)
Some punctuation and peripheral keys throw me off because they are smaller
Pen holder on back is amazing

Great for video calls and scanning documents
Some architects or designers may want to use the cameras to take photos and draw on physical space
(Camera testing)

Mouse can appear anywhere!
Dex mode is an extremely cool feature, but could still use some improvement
Wireless Dex allows you to use devices farther away without long cables (hotel TV)
Can you message and do phone stuff? – yes!
Android tablets are far from perfect. Many apps are not optimized, won’t go full screen in Dex, and/or won’t allow landscape view
Adobe products are just ok, Microsoft and Samsung are great, Google are ok
My Files leaves a lot to be desired

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Tablets still live in this weird limbo. Laptops are becoming more portable and phones are becoming larger and more powerful. Most of what I can do with this tablet, I could do better with either my phone or laptop.
Like a sports car and a pickup truck. A sports car is like a smartphone, and the pickup truck is like your laptop. Both are great, but sometimes a compact SUV is what you really want.
Great for recipes in the kitchen, watching media, mounting in your car, and working while traveling or on the go

As far as tablets go, this is the best Android tablet, and a solid competitor against the iPad

My camera:

My microphone:

My audio recorder:

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My tripod:

My video editor:

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samsung galaxy tab s7-0
samsung galaxy tab s7-0

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